Jones White Creek Trail Hike

Jones and Whites Creek Trail is a 10 mile loop, filled with beautiful views of wild flowers, pine trees, and rushing waters. It’s located in Galena, close to Reno Nevada, and is not for the faint of heart. Dog owners can enjoy the hike with man’s best friend – as long as they’re kept on a leash. And although I’m an avid biker, I would not recommend biking this trail – it’s best to enjoy the views on foot with family (or a friend or two!)

Starting Point of Whites Creek Trail Hike


I always enter at the Galena Creek Regional Park north entrance. You will find ample parking there (especially early in the morning) and it’s the best starting point. At the beginning part of the hike, be aware that it’s mostly uphill. I recommend taking routine breaks and drinking lots of water. And, with so much amazing scenery to enjoy, every moment is enjoyable – even when you stop for a breather.

Remember, the entire loop is almost 10 miles – so if you’re not ready for the whole thing – don’t worry! You can always pace yourself by starting up the trail a couple miles and turning around toward the beginning, until you’ve worked your way up to doing the entire loop.

It’s best to start your hike early in the morning to avoid the dry Nevada heat that quickly ascends over the mountains. If you start around 7am-8am during the summer, you should be able to enjoy your hike without too much heat.

Please enjoy some of my favorite spots from the hike. You’ll see the creek winding through the trail. And don’t forget to turn your volume up to hear the rushing water! And instant mood booster.

Nature Views from Jones Whites Creek Trail

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Great Guide for Reno Residents & Visitors


I always like to provide my clients with updated information about the Reno market, current events, and more details on why the “biggest little city” is such an attractive place to live. Other than the obvious reasons of its close proximity to the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe, renowned ski resorts, and the growing economy, Reno is an amazing stopping place to raise a family or take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re new to the city or a long term resident, I want to share a new site I found that promises to transform you from a mere spectator to a raving fan of Reno. It’s the perfect resource to discover what’s new in Reno, check out current events, read stories, or learn who’s hiring. is a hub for all things Reno related. You can even take a virtual tour of the city – but not to worry. If you want to experience Reno in real life, give me a call today! I love giving my guests a tour of our city. 775-544-6400.

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Renovation of Reno’s Basement + Rawbry


It’s almost the anniversary of Reno’s new marketplace known as The Basement, the perfect setting for coffee-loving hipsters, visitors, and regular ol’ residents alike.


The Basement is located in the old historic post office in Downtown Reno, and is rightfully named, since it’s a lower level substructure, welcoming anyone interested in uncovering its secret shops and intriguing design features.
Varying from barber to tasty taco shop, the shops in The Basement are all health and lifestyle based.

The Basement ~ History

Originally built in 1933, Reno’s downtown Post Office was recently acquired by the Carter Brothers with grand plans to renovate the entire building. To help bring their dreams to life and continuing with the revitalization of downtown Reno, they hired the brilliantly talented Brianna, owner of Rawbry, to conceptualize and design a new space.


Now, The Basement harbors 15 vendors, including the modern design store, West Elm – the anchor tenant upstairs.

Photos of West Elm:


“We are setting the bar as Reno grows – offering a market place that is more progressive, geared towards the millennial (but not exclusively) as a common core for Downtown Reno,” says Brianna.

While it was very important that we preserved the integrity of building, we also wanted to incorporate new features by inviting local artisans to add a touch of whimsy to The Basement with: lights, tables and many other (may I say epic) design features.


But not all went perfectly as planned. Renovations were quite tricky to navigate, as the post office is registered on the historic registry – which is just a fancy way of saying that there are specific requirements that must be adhered to in order to preserve the integrity of the historical building. Brianna received help from Dr. Alicia Barber, who helped curate this cool wall concept (below) and find the right photos, while Brianna’s team installed it.

The Basement: Before and After

We hope you’ll enjoy more interesting before and after photos of The Basement design project (and don’t forget to comment below with any thoughts!)



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Brianna is the owner of Rawbry – living healthy and more from the creative side – a lot of her clients in NY were cold press juice – she saw a hole in the market to do more attitude and edginess – with a design background with a business – location in the Basement and plans for growth in 2017 with new locations and wholesaling.

New Virginia Street Bridge Reno NV

It was truly an epic event attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for the New Virginia Street Bridge on April 12th, 2016. Many Reno natives (including myself) were joined by the mayor of Reno, representatives of the Reno Historic Preservation Society, the UNR band, and other dignities to celebrate the newest construction of the Virginia Street Bridge.

Check out some of my photos from the event, and if you keep scrolling, you’ll find some beautiful photos of the bridge lit up at night.

bridge new reno nv

neal fincher reno
Pictured: Myself and Former State Senator/Current EMS Division Chief for Reno Fire Dept. Dennis Nolan

virginia st bridge reno

virginia st bridge reno

The Virginia St. Bridge at Night

virginia st bridge night

lit up bridge reno

Want more? Check out the history + more photos of the Virginia Street Bridge.

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