Reno 911: The “Biggest Little City” Grows Bigger!

Reno Continues to Grow – What’s the Deal?

As you know, whether you’re a resident or just visiting – Reno has been changing over the years. Investors and developers have been dropping millions of dollars to give the city a much-needed facelift. The urban core features a new, hipster Mid-town area (located in downtown Reno) the freeways are looking more inviting with improved aesthetics (although the spaghetti bowl traffic seems to never end) and casinos have been given costly updates.

Photo Credit: Ronni Hannaman

(Above) With every new section of road they built around Reno, new artwork has been popping up on the walls, adding to the esteemed art scene of the “biggest little city.”

The newest section of freeway actually extends to Carson City, making the commuter’s experience much more enjoyable, as it’s lined with interesting metal artwork showcasing our city’s unique history.

Reno’s Downtown Action Plan was devised with several key elements in mind: the economy, the environment, and the experience. As the city continues to grow, thousands of individuals, groups, City staff, and appointed officials helped to develop an action plan in hopes to facilitate change, and make Reno a more livable, prosperous and vibrant space to enjoy. From parking and transportation to housing, jobs, and public spaces – the comprehensive action plan is definitely worth reviewing:

Read the Reno Action Plan here.

Reno's action plan

Exploring Reno – The Eddy Beer Garden

What do you get when you combine a beer garden, food trucks, community art space, and plenty of oversized lawn games?

The answer is Reno’s newest (and first) container park: The Eddy, right in the heart of downtown. With great food, great drinks, and plenty of learning & socializing opportunities in a super-fun atmosphere, they’ve got something for everybody. I really think this place is going to be one of Reno’s biggest community attractions soon. But why wait even a moment longer to explore it? I visited the Eddy myself recently, and here are my impressions:

“Contain” Your Excitement

Have you ever been to a container park before? It’s a really neat concept – using those giant shipping containers (which are usually in abundant supply, especially near major ports) to create structures that are easily built, moved, and recycled. Lately, container villages have been popping up a lot in Europe, especially as temporary housing for students, refugees, etc.

This is the first such project in Reno, and the design alone makes the Eddy well worth a visit for folks interested in unconventional architecture. It’s a self-contained patio with different areas separated only by container walls and tunnels, and tons of fresh air and sunshine. The developers from Realm Constructors actually took a lot of design inspiration from San Francisco’s ever-popular Biergarten.

What’s On Tap?

When it comes to actually getting folks in the door, The Eddy’s food and drinks are
probably going to be the biggest draws. There are three distinct bars here, each with a different selection of beer and wines available, though their handcrafted cocktails are pretty innovative and definitely worth a look too. If you’ve opened a tab, you can order from any one of these spots without having to change your card – so don’t feel like you have to stick to one area!

Taking advantage of the open-air setup, the Eddy also hosts a rotating selection of local food trucks serving up everything from tacos and wraps to ice cream. Of course, you’re free to bring some grub from home: there’s even a barbecue hut to prepare it in.

Community Living

The Eddy is more than just a place to grab a bite and take the edge off after a long
day at work. Their prime location on the Riverwalk is no accident: they’re aiming to
be an inclusive community space for all of Reno’s residents.

Says Laurel Stout-Stitser, their communications manager: “We call it a collaborative community space, because we are truly a space that was built for the community at large.”

Thought-provoking installations by local artists reflect the mood of Reno today (and they make for a perfect conversation-starter if you’re here on a date). And live music performances and free fitness classes are just some of the events on their shifting calendar. Upcoming events are generally posted to their Facebook page. Despite all the alcohol, the Eddy is actually quite family-friendly during the day. In addition to the music and art, you’ll find plenty of outdoor games like bocce and corn hole (aka beanbag toss) – plus picnic tables, a covered lounge area, and a fire pit. Just note that after 7:30pm, the Eddy becomes a 21+ venue, and they will come around to check IDs.

The Eddy is really a special place, even for Reno. A place to refresh yourself, a hip and trendy center of community, an industrial playground for kids and grownups alike, and a prime spot on the river’s edge. What’s not to love?

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