Take the Tour! Reno’s Hot New Property 565 Northstar Dr.

This adorable home in Old Northwest Reno welcome buyers with its spacious backyard, beautiful vintage charm, and great city views.

When you walk in, you’ll step into a spacious living room with original brick fireplace beckoning you to relax, grab a blanket and cozy up at home on those cold winter nights.

The main kitchen has plenty of room and counter space to accommodate the family who loves to cook and gather around the table for dinner.

You’ll also enjoy spacious rooms, brand new windows and paint, beautiful views of the Hunter Lake Mountain Range, and the comfort of efficient heating with a gas boiler system.

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Watch the Video!

565 Northstar video

If you’re interested in taking a tour of this property, please call me at (775)544-6400.

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling in Reno, it’s important to know what’s new in the market. If you’d like a more detailed report, email me here.




Renovation of Reno’s Basement + Rawbry


It’s almost the anniversary of Reno’s new marketplace known as The Basement, the perfect setting for coffee-loving hipsters, visitors, and regular ol’ residents alike.


The Basement is located in the old historic post office in Downtown Reno, and is rightfully named, since it’s a lower level substructure, welcoming anyone interested in uncovering its secret shops and intriguing design features.
Varying from barber to tasty taco shop, the shops in The Basement are all health and lifestyle based.

The Basement ~ History

Originally built in 1933, Reno’s downtown Post Office was recently acquired by the Carter Brothers with grand plans to renovate the entire building. To help bring their dreams to life and continuing with the revitalization of downtown Reno, they hired the brilliantly talented Brianna, owner of Rawbry, to conceptualize and design a new space.


Now, The Basement harbors 15 vendors, including the modern design store, West Elm – the anchor tenant upstairs.

Photos of West Elm:


“We are setting the bar as Reno grows – offering a market place that is more progressive, geared towards the millennial (but not exclusively) as a common core for Downtown Reno,” says Brianna.

While it was very important that we preserved the integrity of building, we also wanted to incorporate new features by inviting local artisans to add a touch of whimsy to The Basement with: lights, tables and many other (may I say epic) design features.


But not all went perfectly as planned. Renovations were quite tricky to navigate, as the post office is registered on the historic registry – which is just a fancy way of saying that there are specific requirements that must be adhered to in order to preserve the integrity of the historical building. Brianna received help from Dr. Alicia Barber, who helped curate this cool wall concept (below) and find the right photos, while Brianna’s team installed it.

The Basement: Before and After

We hope you’ll enjoy more interesting before and after photos of The Basement design project (and don’t forget to comment below with any thoughts!)



Thank you Brianna for joining us on the blog!

Brianna is the owner of Rawbry – living healthy and more from the creative side – a lot of her clients in NY were cold press juice – she saw a hole in the market to do more attitude and edginess – with a design background with a business – location in the Basement and plans for growth in 2017 with new locations and wholesaling.

Mid Century Modern: Join the Convo

Sharon Honig-Bear is a HRPS tour leader, creator of the Mid-Century Modern walk, and founder of the annual Reno Harvest of Homes Tour, and today we’re very excited that she’ll be joining us on the blog!

Sharon will give us a sneak peek into an upcoming event at the Washoe County Library, where she will host a discussion on the Mid-Century design movement, examining the style both internationally and how it was interpreted in Reno. Join in on the conversation about this style of design…clean and functional? Ugly and bare? Organic? You decide! I’ll be attending the event so I hope to see you there [or email me to let me know!]

The History of the Mid Century Movement in Reno

Reno underwent a building boom in the 1960s and 70s to keep up with trends in modern architecture. At the upcoming event, Sharon will describe the features that defined the Mid-Century design movement, creating major changes in architecture and modern living.

Photos of Mid Century Modern Architecture in Reno

What Are Staples of Mid Century Design?

Some of the most common styles of mid century modern design include:

  • Connecting the inside with the outside
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Big open spaces
“We need to look at what is the best of mid century modern – it’s going to be gone if we don’t value it. Reno has very mixed tradition. In my talk, I will lay out the key principles that transform the way we look at buildings. It’s still a legacy in everything we do,” says Sharon
Mid Century Modern Areas in Reno:
Understanding that there are key buildings that stand out, let’s recognize them and give them their moment in the spotlight.
The Downtown Reno Library, which has been there since 60’s, is a mid century modern design. It was just recognized 2 years ago on the National Register of historic places.
If you drive down Plumb Lane, you can decide whether you think the buildings are pleasing at all. As Reno expanded in the 50s and 60s, they tried to keep up with new buildings – some people will say “what were we thinking?!”
The Grey Hound Station on 1st St. by the river is a mid century design and still has some pedigree, but if the full West 2nd Street project is approved, sadly it may be sacrificed.

During the boom in Reno, so much growth was going on: Interstate 80 was happening, Squaw Valley Olympics, and all of a sudden Reno was redefined from a cowpoke town to a bustling, expanding city. There are parallels you can draw to its growth such as the booming arts economy. But whenever boom happens, people forget what was there before.
And now, the older areas are being pulled down for “progress.” But what exactly is “progress?” There’s been some talk about building a modern, state of the art building near the University and knocking down some old Victorian homes, but 50 years from now, this “state of the art building” might even be an eye sore. Times change, colors change, and design changes – Legacy really is a moving target.

If you’re interested in learning more and want to be part of the discussion, check out the event on Sunday January 29, at 1:00pm at The Washoe County Library in downtown Reno. (This location is actually a perfect example of mid century modern design.) The beauty of this building is that the architect was unable to purchase the land at Wingfield Park (where the tennis courts are now) so he promised “If I can’t get the library in the park, then I’ll build a park in the library.” This quirky feature adds a lot of interest to the design. Come see for yourself!


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