Reno’s Coveted ‘Sugar Loves Chocolate’ Now Offers Classes at TMCC!

If you’re craving something decadent, be sure to stop by Sugar Love Chocolates, a local chocolate shop in Reno that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I’ve personally been buying chocolates from Sugar Loves Chocolate for four years. I offer the tasty treats to potential clients in their welcome package when they join me for a Tour of Reno. Sugar Loves Chocolate serves excellent hand crafted chocolates! You should definitely check them out. They’re located in “The (very cool) Basement” below West Elm Street, in the old US Post Office by the river.

If you’re REALLY into chocolates, you’ll be excited to know that they’re now offering classes at TMCC! Read on to learn about all the details.

Announcing New Chocolate Connoisseur Classes at TMCC

Sugar Loves Chocolate owner Krysta Bea Jackson has expanded their storefront location and is now teaching a class at TMCC, Northern Nevada’s community college, about creating chocolates!  Whether you’re an amateur, or a serious chocolate snob – get ready to try out your hand at creating one of the most popular and universally adored flavors in the world. (I almost said food groups — that should be a thing, right?)

The next Sugar Loves Chocolate  class is at TMCC on April 10th, 2019 from 6-9pm.

You’ll get to make two recipes in the class and take home roughly 1.5-2.5 pounds of truffles that you made! Sounds amazing.

The owner, Krista, will be teaching how to make a traditional French rolled truffle. This basic truffle is the starting point for most bonbon recipes used today. She’ll also be bringing assorted extra treats for you to create your own truffle recipe.

The class is filling up quickly so if you’re interested – sign up today!

Possible Answer to Affordable Housing?

The Reno real estate market has been booming! Although prices have dropped every so slightly, the need for affordable housing still remains a hot topic.

The good news? Recently, The Washoe Board of County Commissioners sparked a discussion about a trust fund that would create more affordable housing options in our region. Thankfully, commissioners have already approved the fund and are ready to move forward. The concept of the trust fund was initiated by the nonprofit organization called ACTIONN, where their efforts extend throughout the Northern Nevada region.

Perhaps what swayed commissioners the most were the stories shared by the many supporters who showed up at the chambers during the discussion. From working professionals to retirees, people shared about their dire living conditions, resulting in eviction and even homelessness due to rent increases.

“It’s offensive to me that we live in the greatest country in the world and yet we have people who have to give up their children because they can’t afford a roof over their head.” said Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler.

It’s still unclear how the fund will be acquiesced, but talk about government service taxes came into play. There’s been over 8 months of research regarding this topic, and there’s definitely hope on the horizon for more affordable housing. Stay tuned for more updates when they come!


New Office in Reno Adds 200+ Jobs!

As a resident of Reno, I really enjoy keeping up with current events by following EDAWN (The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.) Recently they announced that a track and trace solutions company, rfxcel, is relocating its corporate headquarters to our very own Reno, NV. With expectations of opening its doors in December of this year, the new office will serve as rfxcel’s main headquarters. Which means good news for our economy, as the company plans to hire up to 200 employees over the next few years.

“Founded in 2003 by Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff, rfxcel is the first company to focus on safety of pharmaceutical supply chain and bring advanced track and trace software to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers. rfxcel’s mission is to enable customers to better manage their business today and deliver value tomorrow.”

Although this is a positive implication of economic growth, Reno is still struggling to overcome a shortage of housing, an overcrowded Washoe County school system, and the overall image of Reno’s downtown city life. Learn more about the challenges (and potential solutions) of our economic system in the NN Business View’s interview with Mike Kazmierski, president and CEO of EDAWN.

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Reno is Angry that UNR Homes are in Danger and You Should be too

If you missed it, there’s a huge debate that has swept over Reno regarding the endangered neighborhood of UNR’s Historic Homes. As someone who has a great appreciation for this city, and a fascination of the rich history that lives here, I’ve been avidly following this story as it has progressed. Read on to learn recent news about what we can expect going forward.

Important Update about these Endangered, Historic Homes


Recently, Jenny Brekhus, City Council Member at City of Reno, wrote a post to describe her visit with President Johnson & UNR Governor Affairs Person/State Senator Heidi Gansert. She explains that “they confirmed that the UNR homes will be razed soon.” In addition, the properties (and presumably if they are successful in getting City Council to approve abandoning streets & alleys) will be the home of a new Business Building, Parking Garage & Life Sciences Building.) They stated that they need the land readied and the buildings designed, to pursue philanthropic funds for construction.

The state of Nevada has already given planning approval for the Business Building.

As Dr. Alicia Barber states:

“We must not sit by as this university administration makes plans to thoughtlessly and needlessly bulldoze these irreplaceable historic houses as though “progress” somehow necessitates it. To destroy them when so many nearby parcels both north and south of Interstate 80 are crying out for investment should be a crime. This university belongs to the entire state, and I hope others will have the courage and long-range vision to stand up for these houses and what they can remain and become, whether as offices, retail, dining, or housing, to retain this gorgeous tree-lined university entrance, to the lasting benefit of both the city and campus community.”

Comment below if you have any more questions!

Reno Fun: Genoa Tour and Italian Festival

My Favorite Part of the Genoa Tour

I met many older Nevadans on the tour who have been in the agriculture business for a long time. They all had a lot to share about growing up and farming in rural Nevada. I met a 95 year old who others called the “Garlic King” of Yerington, NV. I guess he eventually sold out to the famed Perry & Sons outfit. He was a very nice man who told great stories and had a passion for sharing his knowledge of the past. He was pretty spry for his age. Jumped on and off the bus with no problem all day long!
The farm to table concept whether it was Ranch 1 where they had their own grass fed beef butcher shop in Genoa and also supplied the JT Basque restaurant (where we had lunch.)
Ranch 2 the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery was an important part of the food and drink scene. They all took great pride in growing and raising the grains and animals in a sustainable healthful environment.
Looking forward to putting out the interior photos taken at the Bentley Heritage Estate Distillery.
The tour was a tremendous opportunity to learn about the families who paved the way for all the agricultural opportunity in the Carson Valleys. The tour guides were so knowledgeable. We were hanging on every word as they shared knowledge of the families who paved the road for all of the agricultural abundance. Here is a link to a brief prelude to the tour. JUMP ON THE BUS TOUR 2018.

Another Option to Book a Tour!

If you don’t want to wait another year to take the tour, you can book a tour with Kim, the owner of Genoa Historic Ghost Tours. Prices are only $20 for adults. Email Kim at or call 775-220-0605 for a tour! If it’s a brisk day outside, don’t worry you can throw on your hat and gloves and still enjoy a scenic ride.

Italian Festival in Reno NV

The vibe in the crowd, and it was massive, was so cool. It was all about eating good food and socializing with others. I liked how you could buy some pasta and go to all the local Italian families, who just know their family recipe for sauce is the best, and sample the various flavors. A lot of pride goes into the making of the sauce. The live music was excellent, all with an Italian flair.
If you haven’t visited the Italian Festival in Reno, I recommend you check it out next year!

My Photos from America’s Top 5 Greatest Automobile Museum

You may not know, but the Harrah Automobile Collection started in 1948, and eventually grew to approximately 1,400 cars. Unfortunately, Harrah died unexpectedly in 1978 while undergoing a medical procedure and many of the cars were auctioned off. But, good news is, there’s still more than 200 attention-grabbing automobiles that were donated by The Holiday Corporation to display at Reno’s National Automobile Museum, known as “The Harrah Collection.” I captured the cool cars on camera and I hope the photos will move you to go visit. Give me a call and I’d be happy to join you! (775)544-6400.


Out of all the years I’ve been in Reno, I never had the chance to peruse all the authentic autos at the museum in Reno…until last week!



I actually began working at Harrah’s Club in 1982, long before my career in Real Estate. I ended up parking cars at Harrah’s, and one of the day shift duties involved driving a shuttle bus full of hotel guests throughout the day to the Harrah’s Automobile Collection, which was located in the industrial area of Sparks just southeast of the Nugget across the tracks.


At the time I had no clue as to how special this collection was and needless to say never went inside. Since then, the Museum has relocated to downtown Reno, on the corner of Lake and Mill Street, where I attended for the first time this year.



The museum is open Mon. – Sat. from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sun. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and $6 for children 6 to 18 years.  Children age 5 and younger are free.

I definitely recommend you check it out! Like I said, give me a call and I’d love to join you. (775) 544-6400.

Discover These 13 Events Everyone is Talking about in Reno

Wanna Have Fun in Reno? Look No Further!

Are you looking for fun things to do in Reno/Tahoe? Instead of wasting time scrolling through Yelp, check out the RSCVA virtual brochure – which highlights 13 thrill-worthy things to watch out for this year. Whether you’re an avid beer connoisseur, you love nature, or monster trucks are more your speed, there’s an event for everyone in Reno…take a peek inside the virtual tour to discover what interests you most!

Cool Reno/Tahoe Events in 2018 – Browse the Virtual Brochure

What to Watch Out for in February

23rd Annual Reno BREW HAHA

Enjoy all-you-can-drink beer at the 23rd Annual Brew HaHa!

This fun event in Reno will allow attendees to sample over 100 brews from local, regional and national breweries. Enjoy live music and light snacks if you need a short intermission from all the barley and hops. This may be stating the obvious, but you must be 21 years or older to attend.

When to Show Up

  • 7:00pm – Doors open for VIP ticket holders
  • 8:00pm – Doors open for General Admission ticket holders

As an added bonus, your dollars will help raise money for the local Sierra Arts Foundation, providing support for artists and art programs within the Reno/Tahoe community.

How to Get Tickets
$50 for General Admission
$65 for VIP tickets (50% is tax-deductible)

Ticket prices are an additional $10 the day of the event. Click here to get your tickets now.

Click to read more about RSCVA Reno/Tahoe upcoming events.

Sneak Peek: The Evolution of Burning Man

I’m always looking for interesting events to attend in Reno, NV and the City of Dust: The Evolution of Burning Man definitely did not disappoint. Hosted by the Nevada Museum of Art, this special art exhibit allowed visitors to explore the story of how burning man began and has since transformed into the world-renowned phenomenon that it is today. Today I’ll be sharing never before seen photos, journals and sketches that reveal the magic behind this temporary city’s evolution and enchanting story.

City of Dust: The Evolution of Burning Man

The Burning Man art exhibit was located downtown at the Nevada Museum of Art. This specific exhibit ends this Sunday, so if you’re unable to make it, don’t fret. If you are interested in attending any upcoming events at the musuem, just give me a call! I have free tickets and would love to have you as my guest. (775)544-6400.

Using historical records, we can trace the growth and development of Burning Man’s temporary city that emerges annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. It originated after the height of the hippy culture in the early 1980’s – the perfect time to entertain new ideas that transcended the thought of main stream society.

Burning Man: The Icon of the Man

The Temple:

Art on the Playa

More Photos from the Burning Man Art Exhibit:

The Remnants of Burning Man

Learn more about the history of Burning Man by watching this documentary:

I hope you enjoyed this personal tour of the Evolution of Burning Man Exhibit. Like I said, if you’re interested in joining me for any upcoming art exhibits, please give me a call. I have free tickets and would love to have you join me! (775)544-6400.

Highlights from Nevada’s Food Truck Fridays

Dear mobile cuisine aficionados,

Grab your napkins, and your appetite and get excited because #FoodTruckFridays in Reno has finally arrived! What’s so magical about this summer-long fest? Well, besides featuring over 30 gourmet food, dessert and craft beer vendors weekly, Food Truck Friday is a great way to get out, socialize, and taste some seriously delicious snacks from 5pm-9pm every Friday at Idlewild Park. It’s happening now through Sept 29.

Join me today on the blog as I share a few photos and some feedback about some of my favorite food.


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Food Truck Fridays are always better with family!


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More Photos of Food Truck Fridays


“The Soul from Seoul” food truck was awesome.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 10.02.11 AM

I love the Japchae noodle bowl. Includes rice, bean sprouts, salad and kimchee.

History of Mackay School of Mines

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In honor of Nevada’s Archeological Awareness month, the Nevada Historical Society offered an interesting lecture about the Mackay School of Mines at UNR ~ which is extra special to me, considering I graduated from there!

I transferred to the University of Nevada in 1981 to attend the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and received my degree in Geological Engineering. At the lecture I learned some key points about the Mackay family and the role they played in establishing the School of Mines.



Through financial backing and ideas the Mackay’s also helped create a beautiful University.

IMG_0005 2
Mackay Mines basement, with rubber shock-absorbing cylinder

In 1988 the building was retrofitted to help keep the building stable in case of an earthquake. The building was lifted and a foundation was placed underneath incorporating these rubber “shock absorbers”.

When I was a student at Mackay, the Grad Students had dug out spaces, where this new basement exists, and we would have to go visit them to get help. I was always surprised how primal it was. I found out at the lecture that it began far earlier in the schools history. Apparently there was more space needed for the early grad students, so they did what miners do and began digging below the building. We walked down stairs to get to these catacombs. The original students went down a ladder!

More photos:



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