$3B Clean Energy Project To Be Built East of Reno

America’s largest carbon-neutral industrial park is coming to Northern Nevada.

TerraScale, a southern California-based clean infrastructure design and development company, was pitched the Reno-Sparks region by Stan Thomas, the VP of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN). Danny Hayes, TerraScale’s CEO, liked the idea so much that less than a week after the pitch he hit the road to see our beautiful area for himself.

As it turned out, our little slice of Nevada had everything Hayes was searching for to launch the ambitious green technology project: vast amounts of open land; plenty of sunshine; robust fiber infrastructure; untapped geothermal opportunities; proximity to five major West Coast ports; and a business-friendly attitude.

Dubbed Energos Reno, the project will include development of a data center that will leverage the site’s renewable energy infrastructure to make it a fully carbon-neutral, off-grid facility. At full build-out, the project will be the largest in the U.S. powered by hybrid renewable energy. TerraScale plans to develop 3,700 acres of land in Churchill County, hugging the Reno-Sparks Interstate 80 corridor and 1/3 of the property will be marked as an Opportunity Zone with the entire patch of land designated as a Federal Foreign Trade Zone. Within the development will be a scalable data center and logistics hub with 500 megawatts of renewable power generate on site within 10 years.

The total cost of the project and development is expected to exceed $3 billion and Hayes even anticipates that the amount of financed development will be closer to $6 billion if everything were to work out according to plan. The company plans to create roughly 50 jobs over the next three to five years and the carbon-neutral development could lead to 300 – 400 jobs, if not significantly more. The Energos project also looks to establish and develop a strong relationship with the University of Nevada, Reno. UNR President Brian Sandoval echoed that sentiment during a press conference earlier this month and is “very excited about the myriad of possibilities”.

“Clearly, if Nevada is to create jobs today, we have to seize the opportunities and industries of tomorrow,” said Sandoval, who advocated for diversifying and advancing Nevada’s economy during his time as governor (2011-2019). “(Today’s) announcement, which signifies a really important step forward in the world of data and renewable infrastructure, couldn’t come at a more opportune moment.”

Click here to watch the press conference recap.

Click here to watch the Energos Reno video.




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