The Neighborhood Stories of Reno

In response to the current state of the world, the Historic Reno Preservation Society has canceled its walking tours for the year and instead has created a little something called “Neighborhood Stories”.

In this Zoom version, watchers can see pictures of places, people, and historical documents narrated by the Walking Tour Guides. The Stories don’t give away an entire tour (so you can still be wowed later in person), but they give you an idea of what the tour is about and an opportunity to give more background information than they could on a walk. All 18 stories are available for viewing now.

Mid-Century Modern

Presented by Sharon Honig-Bear

Reno underwent a building boom in the 1960s and 70s to keep up with trends in modern architecture. Learn about the Modern Movement and the many important properties built in Reno during that era including the Downtown Reno Library, “old” City Hall (now the Discovery Museum), “new” City Hall (formerly First Interstate Bank building) and the Pioneer Center.

Watch it here.



Newlands Neighborhood

Presented by Scott Gibson

Learn about one of Reno’s oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods and its impressive variety of architectural styles. Newlands Heights Historic District was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.

Watch it here.


Prohibition in Reno

Presented by Sharon Honig-Bear and Debbie Hinman

Turn back the clocks to the 1920s and 1930s to learn about the prohibition era in Reno. We will explore the streets and alleys and significant buildings to recall Reno’s saloons and reformers (the WCTU and Anti-Saloon League).

Watch it here.


UNR Historic District

Presented by Jack Hursh and Bob Shriver

Learn about the history of our beautiful university campus. We will cover the historical development of the UNR Quad, Morrill Hall, Mackay School of Mines and the Keck Museum.

Watch it here.



Cultural Crossroads, West Side

Presented by Sharon Honig-Bear

Chinese herbal shops, Judaism’s early days and a rich African-American heritage come alive in this presentation. Includes a visit inside the Lear Theater and the historic Bethel AME Church.

Watch it here.


Bricks and Stones

Presented by Susan Mullen

Hear about the Humboldt and Lander Streets Neighborhood. Discover the architectural treasures of this area: a mix of bungalows, period revivals and cottage styles.

Watch it here.


Movie Footprints in Reno

Presented by Robin Holabird

Imagine walking in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe, Kirk Douglas, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren and more. The presentation covers downtown Reno’s rich film history inspired by divorce, gambling and the city’s distinct look in such movies as “The Misfits,” “Cobb,” “Sister Act,” and “Love Ranch” with Robin Holabird, author of “Elvis, Marilyn and the Space Aliens.”

Watch it here.



Mansions on the Bluff / Court Street

Presented by Donna and Paul Erickson

Learn the story of Reno’s most treasured historic neighborhood. Many of early Reno’s prominent families built generous homes on this once treeless bluff overlooking the Truckee River with panoramic views of Peavine Mountain and the Sierra. Imagine the beauty and charm of this coveted neighborhood, largely developed by U.S. Senator Francis Newlands.

Watch it here.


Literary Reno

Presented by Pat Klos and Sharon Honig-Bear

Hear about Writing from the “Underbelly.” There’s more to Reno’s literary history than “City of Trembling Leaves!” Reno continues to be a mythical magnet for ‘outsider’ writers and characters. The misfits, outcasts and seekers. Let your imagination roam as we travel downtown streets encountered by traditional writers like Will James, Robert Laxalt and Joanne de Longchamps, then learn the haunts of contemporary writers such as Bernie Schopen, Willy Vlautin and Susan Palwick.

Watch it here.


Historic Cemeteries

Presented by Frances Tryon and Brett Banks (Hillside) and Bill Mardon (Knights of Pythias)

Join HRPS for a visit to four of Reno’s most historic cemeteries: Pythians, Hillside, The Grand Army of the Republic and the Hebrew Cemetery to become acquainted with some of their most notable residents.

Watch it here.


Truckee River All the Time

Presented by Jim Smith and Brad Carlson

Hear about Reno’s relationship with the Truckee over time, learn of the great floods and of Reno’s architectural heritage, hear the Voice of the City, and learn about Reno’s history.

Watch it here.


Mansions on the Bluff / California Avenue

Presented by Donna and Paul Erickson

The architectural gems along Ridge Street & California Avenue were the homes of senators, physicians and businessmen who made early Reno the Biggest Little City in the World. U.S. Senator Francis Newlands developed this neighborhood that sits on the bluff overlooking the Truckee River with panoramic views of Peavine Mountain, the Sierra and downtown Reno.

Watch it here.


Powning’s Addition

Presented by Jack Hursh and Loren Jahn

Discover one of Reno’s earliest and most delightful vernacular neighborhoods and learn about the English, Germans and Italians that settled the area. This neighborhood is the first City of Reno Conservation District.

Watch it here.


Downtown Sparks

Presented by Scott Carey

Learn about the history of the Rail City on a virtual jaunt through Victorian Square and Downtown Sparks. Hear about how this area has transformed itself from a railroad hub to a vibrant commercial district, which degraded into a rundown urban area before a successful redevelopment that changed the image and future of the city. We discuss some of the buildings and sites that have played an important role in the history and development of Sparks and Nevada. This talk is in collaboration with the Sparks Heritage Museum (

Watch it here.


Parsons / Mills Architecture

Presented by ZoAnn Campana

Hear the story of Reno architects Edward Parsons and Russell Mills and the homes they designed, many of which were located in Newlands Heights, one of Reno’s most unique neighborhoods. Learn about the hallmarks of each architect’s style and how their careers were intertwined.

Watch it here.


Circle / Southridge Drive Old Southwest Reno

Presented by Caroline Asikainen

Learn about Southridge Estates, one of Reno’s most outstanding residential areas in the early 1950s. Imagine the large yards, big trees and beautiful ranch style homes of many prominent Renoites.

Watch it here.



Country Club Acres

Presented by Debbie Hinman

Hear about an area of southwest Reno steeped in history from the 1920s and 30s. Hear about the original Reno Golf Club, Reno’s first airfield and the luxurious, ill-fated Country Club. With the growing popularity of the Washoe Golf Course and the newly-created Virginia Lake, the early 1940s saw the rise of a new neighborhood created for suburban living. The sale of lots rather than homes ensured an eclectic mix of architectural styles and homes of all sizes.

Watch it here.


Historic High Rises in Reno

Presented by ZoAnn Campana

Hear the stories behind Reno’s tallest historic buildings in our downtown. Learn about the changes in technology that allowed architects and engineers to create buildings at increasingly towering heights, as well as the evolving details used to adorn high rise architecture between the 1930s and 1960s.

Watch it here.




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