Virginia Street Project Could Finish Sooner Amidst Midtown Closures

You may have gathered that my favorite place to hang out is in midtown. Prior to the lockdown and in the midst of the Virginia Street tune up I never missed a day of going to midtown. Whether it was for coffee, a cold beer, lunch or shopping I never let the weaving in and out of traffic cones and taking side streets and alleyways deter me. It’s so special there because of that small cozy vibe you get from all the establishments. The midtown kindness is infectious. Looks like the completion of Virginia Street will happen sooner than later. Excellent!

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County and Sierra Nevada Construction announced in mid-March that the recent business closures have allowed them to accelerate construction operations on the $87 million Virginia Street project taking place in midtown Reno.


The RTC made the decision after consulting with local businesses in the Midtown area who have already expressed support to expedite the construction project. Doing the extra work while most businesses are closed will result in less impact when the businesses are open again.

“This is great news for all Midtown businesses,” Rum Sugar Lime business owner Larry DeVincenzi said in a provided statement. “The RTC and SNC reached out to us, they listened, and we support their plan to expedite the project. This project is going to be great when it’s done.”

As of March 21, crews closed Virginia Street to through traffic from Mary and Center Streets to Mt. Rose Street. The 24-hour closure is in effect until at least April 30, when the Governor’s mandate may end and businesses can once again open.

From Liberty to Center Streets, traffic will continue to be one-way southbound. According to the RTC, the accelerated work will definitely result in early completion of the current section of work. This could also lead to an earlier completion date for the overall project down the line. According to previous projections, the entire Virginia Street project is expected to be complete by November of 2020 (weather permitting).

The photo above was taken on April 4 and depicts the construction at Mary and Center Streets with the new roundabout addition. As you can see from the photo (if you haven’t been in person), the entirety of Virginia Street is shut down just past it. Rum Sugar Lime is located in this section, as well as many other popular shops, restaurants and bars. You can still park on Holcomb Ave. and any of the other streets that run parallel to Virginia. Mind the signs though, there are a few tricky one way streets that may sneak up on you!

To learn more about the Virginia Street Project, visit the RTC website here.




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