A True Chocolatier! Send Some Sugar Love

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? One of my all-time favorite local shops in Reno is Sugar Love Chocolates.

For years, I have been giving her chocolates away to my clients from Renown. Folks come in to see me for a tour of Reno and they get a bag of information, an early Reno book, and a box of her delectable chocolates. I always get feedback on how good they taste!


Founder and chocolatier, Krysta Bea Jackson, grew up around great food in her mother’s restaurant. She learned that food is a fast way to people’s hearts and the perfect way to spread joy in everyday life. She started the chocolate shop in February 2015 and has been going strong ever since. I have been a fan of hers since the very beginning!

Krysta creates interesting flavors with real ingredients that taste fantastic. Some flavors may only be in store for one batch or they may only be released at certain times of the year. She holds the proud title of first-ever chocolatier of Artown in 2017. By collaborating with foodies and artists, she’s able to passionately produce a fine product. For example, the raw berries come from California and Michigan, she incorporates fresh herbs and specialty ingredients from all over the world.

They also do fun events like cocktail and chocolate tastings/pairings, classes to make your own sweet creations, more!

Sugar Love Chocolates is located in the Basement in downtown Reno. You can even smell the enticing chocolate from down the hall as you get closer to her store. Valentine’s Day may be over, but something sweet never really goes out of style.




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