Exploring the New Brewery District

My wife and I got married in 1987. Below is our picture, but please just know that I did not wear my hair like that at the time. I went to get a haircut that day and the lady gave me “The Wedding Singer” haircut!


That summer, Ellen and I decided to have our rehearsal dinner at Louis’ Basque Corner at 4th and Evans. Ever since then, the Old Lincoln Highway running through downtown Reno has been a special place to me. I’ve always loved the old motor courts lining 4th street with their vibrant neon signs. There are captivating stories about this piece of Nevada history that you can learn more about here.


I read a story about a group remodeling the red brick building across from Louis’ that used to be The Lincoln Lounge. After a quick peek at their website, I decided to head down for a look. I found a really cool bar in the lobby along with casual sitting areas. Upstairs they have added a handful of hotel rooms. The patio out back has great areas to hang out and eat at Estella Tacos & Mezcal. The whole scene was fantastic!

This is one of many creative entrepreneurial ideas turning this area of 4th street into a vibrant and attractive place to hang out. The area is now considered the Brewery District, noted by flag signs on the light poles running down 4th. These modern day breweries started in the mid 2000’s. The Depot (eatery, brewery & distillery) was created by the owners of Louis’ and has really shown the concept of “if you build it they will come”. In my opinion, The Depot was a catalyst for other investors to jump in the fray.


Next to the Jesse is Record Street Brewing, formerly the site of the Alpine Glass Company and the building was designed originally in part by famed Reno architect Frederic DeLongchamps.


The day after my visit to the Jesse I went to the grand opening of Battle Born Brewing located to the north of the Depot. Within a short walk of Louis’ is Lead Dog Brewery and Reno Home Brewer. Reno Home Brewer was a long time fixture on Dickerson Road, on the other side of the river from Idlewild Park. Their place in the Brewery District is well-deserved, as they have been equipping Reno with supplies and knowledge of the home brewing process for many years.

Head down to 4th street and take a look around. You’ll really be surprised with what you eat, drink and see!




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