Epic Views of Emerald Bay and Eagle Lake

Lake Tahoe is gorgeous in any season, but there is something special about the summer. I recently discovered a new favorite Tahoe hike – Emerald Bay to Eagle Lake.

This easy to moderate trek will take your breath away with all of its epic views! You start the hike at the top of Emerald Bay with the sparkling blue waters of Lake Tahoe in the background. This last winter we had a ton of snow and it shows with the lake level and crystal-clear clarity.

On the way up to Eagle Lake from Emerald Bay, there is even more of nature’s beauty to behold! Tahoe is full of hidden gems and this hike was certainly no exception. Here you are, just hiking along and suddenly on the way up there is this stunning waterfall. Wow! For a hot summer day, this hike wasn’t all that crowded either. It’s the perfect length to hike up to Eagle Lake and have a quick lunch by the water’s edge.

The hike is 1.8 miles in-and-out and hikers of all abilities would be more than comfortable. You can park at the entrance to the hike, if you get there early on a busy weekend you will still be able to find a good spot. There is a 433 foot elevation gain and the trail is also dog-friendly! You will definitely want to save some time to hang out at the lake when you reach the top.




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