Artown Takes Over Reno

Artown is back for the 24th year in a row for the entire month of July!

The month-long art festival has paraded into Reno, quite literally kicking off the very first day of festivities with a parade and workshop for kids at Wingfield Park. The New Breed Brass Band then took the stage and blew the audience away with their smooth melodies.

The park also had food and drink vendors, merchandise for sale, plus additional groups putting on mini shows from juggling to painting and hula-hooping. The crowd filled the park with blankets and chairs, plus there were many other artists and musical performers all along the charming Reno Riverwalk.

The festivities continue every single day in the month of July. Artown first began in 1996 as a way to encourage more Reno residents to visit the city center. The arts themed festival was the result of much effort from civic leaders, business people, and the arts community in the Biggest Little City.

This year, July is “Plastic-Fee Month”! Artown has taken the initiative to commit to sustainability and will not be selling bottled water at any of the events marked with a water droplet. You can buy one of Artown’s cool and vibrant reusable cups for $10, or bring your own water container. AND you’ll even get a dollar off from any beer vendor just for using your cup!

You can pick up a cup at the Artown office or at any of their awesome events. You can check out their full calendar of events on their website. Text or call me if you plan on going to one of their events and I will try to join you! (775) 544-6400

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