Learn to Make Delicious Gourmet Chocolates!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? What if you could make your own gourmet chocolates at home? Sign me up! 

Sugar Love Chocolates had added several kinds of classes to their existing classes at TMCC. Krysta Bea Jackson is the owner of SLC and she is an excellent teacher while also being a true chocolatier. She’s also a kind, caring individual and it shows in her craft.

I give out these delicious treats in my Welcome to Reno package when giving tours to prospective buyers! They are a classy, thoughtful addition to any gift – or perfect for a little pick-me-up treat during your day.

From intensive chocolate classes to easy beginner courses, Truckee Meadows Community College now offers three different Sugar Love Chocolate-making classes.

Beginner’s Chocolate Course

This introduction course involves basic truffle making. This class is held at least three times per year (twice in the fall and once in the spring). You will learn the basic traditional French hand-rolled truffle and roughly two pounds of confections to take home!

One Day Chocolate Intensive Course

This course covers an introduction to tempering chocolate and making molded chocolates. It covers tempering dark chocolate (with notes about both milk and white chocolates as well) using simple tools and materials that you can find at home. You will leave with some creations you made yourself as well as a deeper understanding of designing high quality chocolates. This course is offered roughly four times a year and classes are limited to eight students.

Advanced Bonbon Making Course

This course takes place over an entire month, meeting once a week. The first day is an intensive day long course covering some of the basics of high-end chocolate as well as the history, economics and wonderful chemistry of chocolate. The following three weeks are three-hour sessions and will show you how to work with dark, milk and white chocolates. They discuss working with fresh ingredients, using molds and using colored cocoa butters. The course is offered once or twice a year. The classes require at least two students and max out at six.

Find out more about classes and get signed up here.




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