Coffee Culture in NV

Coffee is an essential part of my daily life – how about yours?

Nevada is chock-full of culture and it’s background in java is no exception! I recently attended a lecture by Jaime Gonzalez Canon about how coffee came to the Silver State. Just like many other things in our wonderful state, coffee originated in Virginia City in the 1800s.

Mr. Abel Leigneau was a coffee businessman in Nevada and opened his first shop on 142 C Street in VC. His claim to fame was importing “pure java coffee” from the largest coffee houses in San Francisco, selling it cheaper than any other coffeehouse in the state. They even incorporated Mexican chocolate and spices into their menu!

Coffee Culture in Reno today is SO interesting! We are blessed with a few fantastic roasting houses full of coffee connoisseurs.

The Roasting House is now recognized as the badge that represents coffee in the present Virginia City and carries different coffee varieties from Panama, Costa Rica and Ethiopia while proudly carrying on Mr. Laigneau’s tradition of grinding and roasting coffee.

Lighthouse Coffee is another great local business. They have a coffee selection from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Mexico, all of it organic and fair trade. Their whole bean program is a unique partnership with local business.

In 2009, we were graced with Hub Coffee Roasters. The owner, Mark Trujillo, has been promoting coffee culture and community since the company’s inception. Their coffee is the best in promoting the aromas and flavors of the most wonderful coffee niches out there!

“The result of these exciting ventures has been delicious and inspiring, as every shipment of beans comes with a personal story from the communities that forms the heart of the coffee industry.” – Mark Trujillo

I encourage you to visit these coffee shops and experience the culture, science and thoughtfulness that goes into producing your daily cup of joe. Drop me a line and let me know which was your favorite, or if you’d like me to join you!




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