HRPS Walking Tours are Back!

The Historic Reno Preservation Society (HRPS) is such a great resource of Nevada history. This area that we live in is such an interesting place and the more I learn, the less I feel that I know! Reno will always surprise you with its rich and interesting history. As a part of the Gold Rush and the settlement of the West, Reno is so much more than just an old gambling town.

Reno originally began as the preferred crossing point of the Truckee River as prospectors made their way back from the California Gold Rush. When the Comstock Lode was discovered, mining and agriculture began to grow in the area. Reno was officially established the same year as the transcontinental railroad reached the town in 1868.

From May to September, HRPS offers walking tours where you will learn about decades of history in just a couple of short hours. The next three walking tours are just around the corner, be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn more about Nevada History!

Saturday, May 25, 10:00 a.m.   |  WEST OF WELLS — Discover an often overlooked treasure trove of fascinating Reno history. Join us as we walk the neighborhood West of Wells Avenue, along the former path of the V&T railroad. Experience unusual architecture unique to this neighborhood and learn the history of the colorful characters who gave birth to Reno’s neighborhood on the other side of the tracks. Meet outside Silver Peak at 140 Wonder Street. Tour guide: Barrie Lynn.

Tuesday, May 28, 6:00 p.m.  |  TRUCKEE RIVER WALK — A relaxing stroll along the Truckee River from the McKinley Arts and Cultural Center to the Lear Theater reveals eclectic architecture grounded by rich political histories and spiced with colorful anecdotes. Meet in front at the McKinley Arts and Cultural Center, 925 Riverside Drive. Tour guide: Joan Collins.

Saturday, June 1, 9:00a.m.  |  PARSONS AND MILLS ARCHITECTURE – Stroll one of Reno’s most unique neighborhoods to view some designs of Reno architects Edward Parsons and Russell Mills, who sometimes collaborated on designs. Hear about the families who first lived in these homes. Meet at the corner of Marsh Avenue and LaRue. Tour guides: ZoAnn Campana and Teri Barti.

Click here for more walking tours from HRPS!




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