100 Year Anniversary of Churchill County

On March 12, I went to the 100 Year Anniversary of Churchill County lecture and the corresponding event on March 16. The curator of the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum at Mackey School of Earth Sciences gave the talk and it was EXCELLENT. Here’s an excerpt from the Galena Creek Newsletter:

“In 1859, Virginia City was a new mining camp on the slopes of Mount Davidson. By 1875, Virginia City had grown into a metropolitan, industrialized city with several mines, over 40 mills, and close to 30,000 residents. In this talk, we will discuss how Virginia City made this meteoritic rise and what it would have been like to work in these mines over 2,500 feet underground 100 years before federal mine safety regulations.”

The history and stories surrounding Virginia City are unique, rich and colorful – the town itself stands as a living, breathing example of the Pioneer spirit of the West and America’s fortitude and desire for success. Anyone can pay a visit to the historic town and walk with these past residents on the many walking and site tours available.

The 19th-century mining bonanza that turned Virginia City into the most important industrial city between Denver and San Francisco, was the result of the Comstock Lode. A rich deposit of silver ore discovered by Henry Comstock, part-owner of the property on which it was discovered, in June 1859. Prospectors from all over the world put their millions right back into the town of Virginia City. That silver money built the mansions, hospitals, churches, opera houses and schools that you can still find there today!

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