University of Nevada Arts Building Gets a Makeover

Last month was the official opening of the highly anticipated University of Nevada, Reno Church Fine Arts Building. This building is a pillar on campus as an epicenter for the arts and the grand opening went off without a hitch. Now, the building is open to the public for all to explore.

I went to visit this building to see for myself and I can attest that it is both stunning and functional! Not only is there beautiful new art on display at the Lilley Museum inside, but the building is incredibly important to the culture of students at UNR. You can also attend concerts, or just sit back and admire the modern architecture.

The building has been under construction since 2016 and students have been excitedly awaiting the re-opening. A large number of students attended, and some were performing in the new spaces designed for optimum acoustics. The buzz around the building is exciting and reflective our community’s emphasis on arts and culture.

Too often, arts education isn’t valued as much as other areas of study. The University doesn’t want that to happen and Northern Nevada is well-know in the state for its advanced art programs and museums. We can now add this revamped building to the long list of Reno’s accomplishments.

Any art-related activity you could imagine will have its home here at the University. The new Arts Building features a 287-seat recital hall, a new art museum, fabrication lab, electroacoustic lab, soundproof rehearsal spaces, music practice rooms, faculty offices, and a recording studio.

New talents and art will be showcased regularly, so make sure you make a trip to see it all!

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