Diamond Peak via North Flume Trail

This last Sunday I went on a hike with my wife and a couple of good friends on the North Flume Trail. There’s two things I want to share.

First, is the history of “the Flume.” This area above Incline Village and Sand Harbor is quite fascinating! “The flume contained 2-million feet of lumber and 28 tons of spikes and nails. It operated 70-feet above ground in some places, and could transport up to a half-million feet of lumber daily.”

The trees were cut down and placed in the log flume so they could be sent down to Washoe Valley where the wood mills were. ($8M of silver per day came out of those tunnels at the peak.)

While the wooden flume is now completely disassembled, the path still remains and hosts one of the most scenic and spectacular trails in the world. I can’t believe I live so close by, and can enjoy the amazing views so easily.

To get to the hike, take the Mt. Rose highway past the Summit and the Meadows. A mile or so before the Incline Village lookout there is a good size parking on the west side of the highway. The trail head is on the east side.Take the trees up the steep “Incline” and shoot them down the log flume to the wood mills in Washoe Valley. We walked out about three miles and came back to the cars.

On the hike, you’ll be able see Lake Tahoe, the Diamond Peak ski area and some nice, tranquil streams. If you’re interested in extending your hike and getting even more beautiful views, you could park a car at the bottom of Tunnel Creek Road, where the Ponderosa Ranch was originally located, (Tunnel Creek Cafe is now there).

If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous, continue hiking on the Flume Trail past Tunnel Creek Road and get an amazing view of Sand Harbor (see below!) and then Marlette Lake.

Lake Tahoe
This pic was from a year ago. TOTALLY WORTH the extra hike/bike to get this view!

Did you know Marlette Lake has supplied clean water to Virginia City on a gravity fed flume since the Comstock Era? The water in the aquifers in the Virginia City area is not easy to drink due to lots of minerals and elements, thus all the Silver underground!

I hope you enjoyed reading more about the Flume Trail hike. Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter for more events in Reno and to stay up to date with the real estate market.

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