Reno 911: The “Biggest Little City” Grows Bigger!

Reno Continues to Grow – What’s the Deal?

As you know, whether you’re a resident or just visiting – Reno has been changing over the years. Investors and developers have been dropping millions of dollars to give the city a much-needed facelift. The urban core features a new, hipster Mid-town area (located in downtown Reno) the freeways are looking more inviting with improved aesthetics (although the spaghetti bowl traffic seems to never end) and casinos have been given costly updates.

Photo Credit: Ronni Hannaman

(Above) With every new section of road they built around Reno, new artwork has been popping up on the walls, adding to the esteemed art scene of the “biggest little city.”

The newest section of freeway actually extends to Carson City, making the commuter’s experience much more enjoyable, as it’s lined with interesting metal artwork showcasing our city’s unique history.

Reno’s Downtown Action Plan was devised with several key elements in mind: the economy, the environment, and the experience. As the city continues to grow, thousands of individuals, groups, City staff, and appointed officials helped to develop an action plan in hopes to facilitate change, and make Reno a more livable, prosperous and vibrant space to enjoy. From parking and transportation to housing, jobs, and public spaces – the comprehensive action plan is definitely worth reviewing:

Read the Reno Action Plan here.

Reno's action plan

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