Reno’s Growth, Latest Report from EDAWN

EDAWN’s EPIC Report forecasted a five year projection of over 52,400 new jobs. Now, almost three years into the predictions, reports show that we’re actually 10,000 jobs ahead of projections as Tesla, Panasonic and Switch continue to ramp up their hiring efforts. In case you missed it, discover the actual numbers graphs:

Predicted Employment Growth Tracking


Predicted Resident Growth Tracking

new residents reno

Number of New Housing Permits

housing Reno nv

Housing has been a bit of a concern, but it looks like we are making progress: The chart above shows the number of permits for new housings units. At, 6,000 units a year, Reno will be meeting the expected demand for housing based on current and projected job growth. Fun fact: we haven’t had more than 4,000 new housing permits since 2006!

For more information on Reno’s employment and resident growth projection, visit EDAWN’s website.


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