First Bike Ride of the Year ~ Dry Pond Run

I’ve been itching to get outside and enjoy the amazing trails of Dry Pond Run. And with the weather finally getting warmer, I decided this weekend would be the perfect time for my first bike ride of the year!

Today on the blog, I’m sharing some behind the scenes footage I took while on my ride, in hopes to help you better navigate if you decide to be adventurous and try it for yourself. It’s a moderate 13 mile ride, so whether you just enjoy being active or you’ve been riding for awhile, it should be an enjoyable route for anyone. Hope you enjoy!

Use the Strava app to navigate

Starting Point: Arrow Creek

Here’s footage of White’s Creek. You can see the water raging down from all the snow melt from Tahoe. It’s going to make its way down all these little creeks, eventually ending at the Truckee River, which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you live in Reno that it’s virtually overflowing!

Made it to the top Dry Pond! Not so dry with all the snow melt…

Mt. Rose wilderness area.

Just a reminder, I’m always looking to team up with fellow riders so if you’d like to hit up a trail one day, please get in touch by emailing me!

Thanks for reading and watching today. Have you ventured out in nature lately? Share your experience by commenting below!


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