Reno 150 Celebration ~ May 2017

The Reno 150 Celebration

I had a great time attending the Reno 150 event yesterday downtown on North Virginia St. where a large crowd gathered to celebrate Reno’s big 150th birthday bash! The biggest little city was officially established on May 9, 1868.

I agree with At-Large Council member David Bobzien, who said “there’s never been a better time to believe in Reno.”

As a real estate agent for almost 15 years, I’ve seen the market rise and drop, but today more than ever, Reno is booming with new development and new opportunities, and I’m so proud to take part in the celebration of its success.

Check out some more pics and videos from the event. I hope you enjoy!

The opening speech was a Chautauqua. This gentleman took on the identity of Myron Lake, which just as entertaining as it was informative.

Reno birthday
Caught up with Sharon Honig-Bear and Deb Hinman, two distinguished women of the Reno Historic Preservation Society

Dr. Alicia Barber reads mayor Hillary Shieve’s proclamation, declaring May Historic Preservation Month.

Reno 150 event
This photo represents the wealth and opulence that was prevalent in Virginia City during the Comstock era.
An illustration of Lake Crossing with Myron Lake and Chief Winnemucca, on the River

Pictured here is a postcard describing the history of Lake Mansion. It’s a great place to visit in Reno, located near the river walk area.

Video above: Celebrating Reno’s roots with a dance from the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony

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