Storm Brings 12.5 Billion Gallons of Water to Tahoe, Now What?

The Sierra Nevada mountains are feelin’ the chill this year, succumbing to one of the snowiest winters in pretty much forever. Which thankfully put an end to the dreadful California drought.

Lake Tahoe must be stoked with all the new snow, as it has finally reached its natural rim after weekend storms dumped about 12.5 billion gallons of water into the lake! What a milestone for this huge body of water, which flirted with record-lows for the last five years.

To celebrate the snow, I took a drive up to Tahoe this weekend and snapped some photos. When I reached Emerald Bay, I noticed a natural, rushing waterfall. One guy was so pumped about it, he dumped out his Aquafina bottle and filled it up with the ice-cold cascading water.

The Truckee River is also benefiting. I just visited downtown Reno and the rushing river water was an awesome sight to behold.

But just because we’ve had a wet winter, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t conserve our water! Experts say that water supply can change quickly, and is not easily predictable, so I’m making sure to practice responsible conservation, and I hope you do too! 🙂



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