Tour of Reno’s Redfield Estate


I was invited to a broker open house at the Redfield Estate – a large rock home where Forest St. and Mount Rose St. meet in Midtown. I have always been amazed at the beauty of this home, as it is the largest structure I have ever seen made out of river rock. In fact, it’s made out of Truckee River rock to be exact.

You’ll notice the name “Redfield” around town. Lavere Redfield was one of the most interesting residents at the stone mansion. Fortunately the listing agent was handing out the book by Jack Harpster titled “The Curious Life of Nevada’s LaVere Redfield”. Lavere was one of the richest men in America, attracted to Nevada, specifically Reno, because of our tax structure. An avid gambler who enjoyed his time at the roulette wheel, his distrust of the banks and the IRS caused him to keep a lot of his fortune in coins, and silver dollars mostly.


I took photos of the home including the dungeon-like garage area. At the time I did not know that this is where LaVere hid large sums of money buried deep in the walls!


This is just a tidbit of what is revealed so I encourage you to check out the book. You’ll love it!

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