Summer Adventures | Dry Pond Trail Hike

Dry Pond Trail Hike

I love working as a local real estate agent in Reno, but when I’m off the clock, I enjoy spending my time outdoors. I have an affinity for the nature, and Reno has some of the most beautiful places to hike. Today’s adventure takes us to the Dry Pond Trail Hike, Whites Creek to Thomas Creek. My family and I had a great time on the trail. Read more to find photos, tips, and other details about our hiking adventure.

The Start of Dry Pond Trail Hike

IMG_0024 (3)

The trails have signs and posts all along the way and always give you an idea of how far you need to go to get there!

We began our hike at the entrance to the Whites Creek trailhead on Timberline. Our hike over Dry Pond Trail terminated at the Thomas Creek Trailhead on Timberline. We parked a car at the Thomas Creek Trailhead for a ride back to Whites Creek. The trip was approximately 5.25 miles, which is perfect for a moderate level hike. Total time varies depending on resting and pace. Three hours if you are moving! The starting elevation is 6025 feet.

Time For a Selfie!

IMG_0022 (1)

Me, Sarah and Ellen Fincher at the monument sign on Whites Creek. Not sure about the pursed lips?


The creek crossings have sturdy bridges, I’m assuming to handle the horse traffic. Speaking of horses, remember that bikers yield to hikers and horses. Hikers yield to horses, because the horses could get spooked and throw the rider. Proper etiquette is to step off the trail and let the horses pass.

IMG_0027 (1)

Check out the amazing view of the Mt. Rose from Whites Creek and Dry Pond!

IMG_0028 (1)

After a long week, this is the perfect way to relax and refresh! Mt. Rose Summit is to the right and Mt Rose Ski Resort to the left.

IMG_0029 (1)

I really enjoy using the myAltitude app. We reached 6964 feet up at Dry Pond on our hike!

More Photos of Dry Pond Trail Hike




Hiking Tips:

  • Parking: We parked on Timberline and Whites Creek for easy access to start the hike and left a car on Thomas Creek and Timberline.
  • Where to start:  We began the hike at Whites Creek Trail on Timberline Drive.
  • Hydrate up: Always bring water! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The beauty of Reno’s trails is that when there’s a creek coming down from the mountains, there’s most assuredly a trail going up. Our parks and recreations have done a phenomenal job with the trail system.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Looking for more interesting news in Reno, NV? Check out this special tour of the Virginia St. Bridge throughout the years.

For more information on hiking in the Mt. Rose area, check out the Galena Creek Visitor Center’s July Events. It provides a ton of great ideas and activities to explore for kids and adults too.

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  1. Enjoyed your Blog……still look like the stud…….we got to get golfing one of these days!!….ciao buddy


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