New Virginia St. Bridge – A Glance throughout the Ages

After learning about Reno’s newest plans to rebuild the Virginia Street bridge I was instantly intrigued and began doing a bit of research. As a member of the Reno Historic Preservation Society and Nevada Historical Society, I have access to historical articles and photos, and I’m excited to share them with you today!

In my research, I found that the Virginia Street Bridge has been rebuilt several times for different reasons. Let’s take a tour throughout the ages – from the humble beginnings to the newest unveiling of this amazing landmark in Reno, Nevada.


Construction of New Virginia Street Bridge 2016

virginia street bridge
Check out the New Virginia Street Bridge being slid into place. Construction time was cut dramatically as engineers came up with the idea of building the bridge in front of the Riverside Inn and maneuvering it into position.


The New Virginia Street Bridge 2016

virginia st bridge night

The New Bridge looks beautiful lit up at night, as viewed from City Hall.


Bridge #4 – 1905

bridge before
Note the streetcar tracks. Street cars and horses were the key modes of transport during this era.


Bridge #3 – 1877

virginia bridge old
You can see where the new bridge got its styling from. This is Bridge #3 built by Washoe County in 1877, after acquiring in a lengthy court battle with the previous owner Myron Lake, who ran it as a Toll Bridge.


Bridge #2 – 1861

charles fuller brdige

Myron Lake bought the bridge from Charles Fuller in 1861. This rendition is Bridge #2, built by Lake after a flood damaged the original.

Bridge #1 – 1860


Bridge #1 Fuller’s Crossing, the road to Virginia City (thus Virginia Street). Supplies came, crossed the river and headed on up! You can see this original painting at the Lake mansion now located at S. Arlington and Court Street.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it!


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